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What is the TPM Difference?

The Real Estate Industry's Average Open Rate is 35.03%

TouchPlus Marketing's Average Open Rate is 64%*

*3 month average (Nov 23-Jan 24)

We're on a mission to empower real estate agents and home service providers with the tools & strategies necessary to stay top of mind with their client database. We are committed to helping you make a meaningful impact and expand your reach through the power of direct marketing. Our products boost your personal brand by establishing you as a relevant resource within your industry and keep you top of mind with your SOI. Everything we do is turnkey so there is little to no effort required from you.

Email Newsletters

Are you a real estate agent in Atlanta, GA or Charlotte, NC? We've got monthly digital newsletters just for you. If you are a home service provider anywhere in the nation, we're here to help you too!

Direct Mail Postcards

Want to stay top-of-mind with your database and neighborhood farms? We've got 5 series of postcards designed just for that! Stay on the front of their refrigerator and your services in their mind.

Discover our Unique Approach

Geographic Customization

Our approach is centered not only on your state but also on precisely targeting your desired market. You have the freedom to select the specific counties, cities, or zip codes for obtaining quarterly statistics and insights that best align with your strategic goals.

Personal Branding

Every newsletter prominently showcases your unique branding, offering you the flexibility to personalize each newsletter by incorporating property listings, achievements, and noteworthy announcements that resonate with your audience.

Proven Lead Generation

A significant number of our agents have successfully generated leads and expanded their business thanks to the consistent engagement with their client database. It's important to recognize that marketing plays a crucial role in creating opportunities for lead generation.

Why is Marketing Important?

Marketing is the crux of any successful business. Real estate is a dynamic profession, always expanding and contracting with opportunities. Success comes to those who use marketing effectively through its ebb and flow. Effective marketing will spread your brand, target your desired audience, strengthen relationships, and grow your business.

Let us take the reins of your marketing. With our turnkey products, once you're set up in our system, your job is done. We handle the creation, branding, and delivery - which allows you to focus solely on what you do best ... your sales and service.

Every Month. Every Time. Without Fail.

K. McAfee

I got a great lead from my newsletter! Someone I have not talked to in 5 years wants to sell her home ... and she reconnected with me from receiving my newsletter every month.

S. Rutkowski

TPM has done an exceptional job in helping me grow my business! Mia's enthusiasm and professionalism have been truly impressive. She doesn't overlook any small detail, and makes sure everything is in place, from the grammar to the design.

C. Lawson

I just received a call from a recipient of the June newsletter asking about the new construction information provided. As a result, I’ll be representing this family on the purchase of a new home and the sale of their existing home.

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